• Can you give me the personal number of the inmate?

The inmate’s personal number can be provided exclusively by him, either by telephone or in writing.

  • Who to contact in the event that my loved one is unable to reach me from the prison?
  • Make sure that your mobile phone does not block the reception of phone calls made from withheld numbers. If so, you will need to cancel blocking of such calls.
  • The inmate must have your phone number registered as an authorized phone number. Such registration is made by the relevant institution in which the inmate is held.
  • Is it possible to refund prepaid or unused phone credit?

The phone credit purchased by the accused / convicted person or topped up via myTelio service cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded, with the exception when the accused / convicted person is released or in other justified cases based on a request made by the relevant institution. In the event an accused / convicted person is released, the unused credit shall be paid directly to him by the relevant institution.

  • Can I contact an inmate through BVfon Slovakia, s.r.o.?

You can contact an inmate exclusively in person, during approved visits at the relevant institution, by telephone or in writing to the address of the relevant institution. BVfon Slovakia, s.r.o. has no contact with any inmates and is responsible exclusively for providing the technical aspect of the phone service.

  • What if the amount I sent to top up the inmate’s credit was not credited to his account?
  • Before sending the chosen amount to top up an inmate’s credit, please make sure that you have entered the correct personal number of the inmate.
  • If the amount you sent to top up the credit has not been credited to the inmate’s account even after two business days, please contact us via our online form in the “Quick links” section.
  • How can I contact BVfon Slovakia, s.r.o.?

Please contact us via our online form in the “Quick links” section.

  • Can I contact BVfon Slovakia, s.r.o. by phone or in person?
  • BVfon Slovakia, s.r.o. does not provide any phone support or personal consultations for its clients.
  • In the event of a complaint regarding the quality of the phone service provided or an incorrectly billed price of the phone service, inmates should proceed in accordance with the applicable complaint policy available to them by the phone equipment in the relevant institution.